Our Mission Statement

With decades of in-market experience, Capitol Hospitality Solutions provides clients a myriad of services that help boost revenues and improve profitability. Their clients include restaurant owners/operators, small and large restaurant chains, catering operators, entertainment complexes, multiuse hospitality facilities and specialty markets that enjoy and benefit from their refined and custom-tailored services:

Daily Operations

  • Operational analysis/audit

  • Development and implementation of operations manuals

  • Control techniques and systems implementation

  • Crew development, training and productivity

  • Hiring guidelines development

  • Recruitment services

  • Preventative maintenance program implementation

  • Daily cost reporting and analysis

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Why People Choose Us

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On Site Consulting

We can help sort things out whether it be the recruitment of talent, marketing, club design, stage and seating allocati...

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No, I’m not talking about Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor”. I’m referring to the upscale factor; that is, the strategies ...

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Today, it seems to be all about the money. Many of those currently working in the business-especially the entertainers-...

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It’s time to revamp your thoughts on events and special promotions. Again, this is an area where old school still rules...

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Social media can play a huge part in your club’s promotions. Stop wasting money on traditional marketing like billboard...

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Be aware of your calendar year - i.e., what’s coming up in your city. Is their a boat show or car show? A major sportin...

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Explore Our Services

Our mission is to provide club executives with the latest tools and technologies to increase revenue, while teaching traditional methods of hospitality and guest service that will generate a loyal and valuable clientele to increase profits and protect investments.

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Back to Basics

Learn about the most cost effective way to get your management and staff back to traditional hospitality and superior guest service.

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The Secret Shopper

Disguised as "guests", we'll give you the real inside story as to what's going on in your club with management, staff and dancers while we conduct market research on your competitors.

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Website & Social Media Domination

Want to be #1 on Google? If you want to maximize your capitalization from internet traffic and draw more guests into your place of business, take advantage of this specialty and niche package to stop leaving money on the table.

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Luxury Club Concierge

Have us handle custom bookings for your club's guests, from hotel reservations to limo service to pre-selling bottle service and VIPs in your club. 24/7 answering service included to not leave a single penny on the table.

What Customers Are Saying


Hi, my name is Philip Gori. I am the owner of eight night clubs to the south Florida area, six of them being adult entertainment. David Boehm is and has been a valuable adviser for my businesses. He has improved the perfomance of my clubs and we dramatically increased revenue after each consultation and implementation of his tips.

Philip Gori

Hi, my name is George Gettinger. I am the general manager of PTG Entertainment in Pompano Beach Florida and also the president of Adult Club Management. I have known David Boehm for over 10 years and I have had the pleasure to working with him personally for the past four years. David shows incredible expertise and utmost professionalism while at work. I hired David as a club consultant in Chicago and the West Coast of Florida and both times he showed his capabilities, expertise and his professionalism in those efforts. Thank you for increasing our revenue!!

George Gettinger

I have had the pleasure of working with David Boehm on and off during many, many years. Dave has worked in a number of capacities with my companies. I got three locations in Tampa – one restaurant, two lounges – that are very successful, Thanks to David! Dave has worked with me in different capacities – from consultant to manager – and has always had the highest level of integrity. I trust him explicitly. He is extremely loyal, bright and always sees the positive things in life! I would highly recommend him for anything to do with the hospitality industry. Whenever I have a problem and I need some advice at something, I call him and he comes up and he always gives me excellent input and solutions. I can’t speak highly enough for David Boehm. He is an extraordinary human being and anything to do with the hospitality business!

Christopher Scott

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